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Have some questions about selling your house?

We know that selling a house for cash to a company like ours is a big decision. The questions below are common things we get asked about the process and DC Home Buyer.

How do you differ from a traditional real estate agent?2023-11-06T05:39:13-05:00

Real estate agents list properties with the hope of finding a buyer, often taking 6-12 months and charging a commission of 3-6% of the sale price. They provide a valuable service for those who can afford to wait and pay commission fees. DC Home Buyer’s approach, however, is distinct: We are home buyers, not agents. We actually purchase the houses, often making a decision within a couple of days (or even the same day). We invest our own money to buy, repair, and market the houses, assuming the risk and responsibility for the property.

Are there any fees or commissions?2023-11-06T05:38:29-05:00

Our unique approach means that there are no fees or commissions when you sell your house to DC Home Buyer. We will present you with an offer, and if you accept, we will buy your house, often covering closing costs as well.

How do you calculate the offer price?2023-11-06T05:38:05-05:00

We pride ourselves on being transparent about our process. We consider factors such as the property’s location, required repairs, current condition, and the sale prices of similar houses in the area. By taking various factors into account, we arrive at a fair price that benefits both parties.

Will you buy my house even if it needs significant repairs?2023-11-06T05:37:40-05:00

Yes, DC Home Buyer buys houses in any condition, including those that require extensive repairs. This allows you to sell your house as-is without any need for improvements or updates.

Will you list my house on the MLS?2023-11-06T05:36:38-05:00

We are not an agent, so we don’t list houses on the MLS. We are professional home buyers who purchase houses in the DC are that meet our criteria. After buying a house, we may repair and resell it to another homeowner, or we may keep it as a rental.

Are you’re a real estate agency?2023-11-06T05:34:46-05:00

No, we are a private investment company. We can evaluate your home and make you an offer quickly. We don’t want to help you sell your home, we want to buy it so you can move on to a new chapter in your life.

How do you determine a fair price for my home?2023-11-06T05:32:25-05:00

We evaluate many factors including the local market, the condition of the property, the location, and current trends. We always offer a fair and reasonable price for our clients.

Is this a common way to sell a home?2023-11-06T05:32:43-05:00

For many people, yes! Life can throw curveballs at you, which is why our service is so helpful to those who need it. It’s perfect for people who are relocating due to job changes, going through relationship or marital changes, or retiring to travel the world, just to name a few. We buy houses from people with little or no equity, those who need cash quickly, and estate executors who want to sell a house after a loved one has passed away. Whatever your situation, our service can help ease your transition.

I’m facing foreclosure, can you help me?2023-11-06T05:33:14-05:00

Yes, we can. We often buy houses so sellers can get out of the foreclosure process. Get in touch today and we’ll evaluate your home and see what it will take to buy it directly. Just be sure to act quickly to ensure the house doesn’t go into foreclosure. Sell your house to us instead and save your credit.

What happens with my mortgage?2023-11-06T05:33:31-05:00

We pay off your mortgage at closing as part of the sales process. The title company will confirm all liens and mortgages are released, so you are 100% clear of any responsibility for further payments on that home.

What information do you need from me?2023-11-06T05:33:47-05:00

Just the basics to start – your address, the condition and size of the home, and any information regarding mortgages associated the property, or other facts about the home that you would like to share with us. During our on-site visit we’ll probably ask a few additional details, and throughout the entire process we’ll keep in close communication.

How long does the process take?2023-11-06T05:34:05-05:00

We’ll respond to your request within a 1 business day. After that, the entire process can be completed in 7-14 days depending on if you have a mortgage in place, or not. That being said, we’re happy to work with you at whatever pace you prefer, if you need more time than we can adjust the process as needed to ensure you are comfortable.

What should I expect at closing?2023-11-06T05:34:23-05:00

This is the part of the process you’ve been waiting for! Closing is when you get paid (and/or your mortgage is paid off) and the title company processes the necessary paperwork. At closing, you sign documents and the title company ensures that the property changes hands legally. Now you are free to move along to the next phase of your life, celebrate that sense of relief and freedom, and know that your property has been left in good hands with us.

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