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It's been a pleasure being able to work with DC Home Buyer. They are very knowledgeable and understand the area really well.

Tommy Prestinario November 18, 2023

Being in the mortgage business I know how complicated home transactions can be and that is why I have been so impressed with the way you does business. I have seen them solve some of the most difficult real estate problems that other investors and real estate professionals would not touch. They are extremely professional and most importantly do what they promise. If you are looking to refinance, sell, or buy a home I would deal with them first!

Tom W October 3, 2023

I can not thank your company enough for helping me solve my real estate problems. I was behind on my mortgage and need someone to close quickly. The company actually made up all of my back payments and continued to pay my mortgage which has helped me re-establish my credit. I can not thank you enough.

Jennifer L September 29, 2023

I had a very complicated Real Estate problem whereby I owed much more than my house was worth and as a result could not sell my property. You actually negotiated my debt down with my mortgage company and were able to purchase my house thus saving me from foreclosure.

Chris C September 18, 2023

As a Real Estate attorney I deal with many difficult real estate closings and I have been extremely impressed with the way you have helped solve many of my client’s real estate problems. I extend my sincere gratitude to your company for your professionalism during our ongoing professional relationship.

Hany T May 12, 2023

Thank you very much for everything. Your company was very professional and you did everything you said you were going to.

Nicole W August 27, 2022

I didn’t have to worry about paying commission to a realtor. I didn’t have to worry about the appraisal amount because they came in and they looked at it.

Sherene January 9, 2022

They were on point with returning my phone calls, and any questions I had I got an immediate response. It was very stress-free.

Kathy June 14, 2021

The sense of relief from my father and my siblings was immeasurable. We could take the funding that we got from the house and get on with our lives.

Allen November 21, 2020

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DC Home Buyer

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  • Close In As Little As 7 Days

  • No Closing Costs

Traditional Process

  • Pay 6% Plus Other Fees

  • Unpredictable Offers

  • Cleanup and Repair Stress

  • Showings and Open Houses

  • Long Sales Prices, Often 2-3+ Months